We shall be travelling to Mexico at the beginning of August to perform "Around the World in 80 Boxes" at the Chihuahua International Festival. The first stop on this trip will be Ciudad Juárez, on the 9th and 10th of August, at the Benito Juárez Theatre. From there, we shall travel to the city of Chihuahua to perform on the 12th and 13th August in the Teatro de la Ciudad.

A total of 8 performances in which we shall present a trip around the world from a warehouse and in cardboard boxes. The idea is based on the novel by Jules Verne "Around the World in 80 Days" and we asked ourselves how we could transfer that travelling spirit to the theatre, based on imagination, surprises and pleasant suggestions. The result is "Around the World in 80 Boxes", a play that has been performed more than 600 times since its première in1998. It has been performed in a number of countries, including France, Portugal, Finland, Morocco, Switzerland, Colombia, Dominican Rep, Ireland, … In addition, it has won the "Best Show", "Best Director", "Best Group Performance" and "Best Lighting" awards at the children's Theatre Fair, FETEN, in Gijon and, in 2000, it won the MAX Prize for the "Best Children's Performance".

The tenth edition of the Chihuahua International Festival will be held between Augst 1st and 24th in the cities of Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua. Over the years, the Festival has managed to consolidate its position as one of the most important festivals in northern Mexico. Proof of this is that the programme combines a wide range of performances from all over the world.