Award to the Best Basque Country Street Performance. XVI Umore Azoka 2015

After a high tide, the sea washed up stories that had to be told. That is why the street appeared covered in sand and shoes.
Passers-by asked in amazement; how did they get here? Whose are they? What can they tell us?
"Andante" is a theatre of masks that narrates, in a poetic manner, without words but with a wonderful sense of humour, stories that should not be forgotten. Stories about anonymous shoes in wartime. Shoes that could be ours.
Duration: 45 min.

Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_33 Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_10 Valladolid-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_10 markeliñe andante_2697 Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_43 markeliñe andante_2614 markeliñe andante_2474 markeliñe andante_2577 markeliñe andante_2566 markeliñe andante_2464