After a high tide, the sea washed up stories that had to be told. That is why the street appeared covered in sand and shoes.
Passers-by asked in amazement; how did they get here? Whose are they? What can they tell us?
"Andante" is a theatre of masks that narrates, in a poetic manner, without words but with a wonderful sense of humour, stories that should not be forgotten. Stories about anonymous shoes in wartime. Shoes that could be ours.

Award to the Best Basque Country Street Performance. XVI Umore Azoka 2015

Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_33 Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_10 Valladolid-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_10 markeliñe andante_2697 Salamanca-ANDANTE-MARKELIÑE_43 markeliñe andante_2614 markeliñe andante_2474 markeliñe andante_2577 markeliñe andante_2566 markeliñe andante_2464