The company

Since 1984, generating enthusiasm through visual theatre and original creations.

Markeliñe is clearly committed to original and contemporary creations. We create stories that challenge the world and the times in which we live. A critical perspective on our time and memories. Stories where the spectator can feel the pleasure of contemplating their conflicts and contradictions reflected in a beautiful and intelligent way.

Original creation


Markeliñe uses an extremely personal style when it comes to creating its shows. The visual care, the actor’s gestures, the research on objects and languages, are elements that shape our approach to creativity.
Stories that the spectator puts together from suggestions, sometimes minimal, universal, emotional, poetic, …When we create, we do not abandon the intuitive tools of free creation and, consequently, being coherent with the essence and requirements, we break known moulds and explore new territories and theatrical forms of expression. 



We create shows for large, open and closed spaces, halls, different ages and communal spaces. In each sphere, we acknowledge a community that has a language of its own, and we propose original, imaginative and surprising creations. For this reason, Markeliñe has consolidated its position on the theatrical landscape, successfully participating in the international arena.

Hemeroteca : espectáculos pasados

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Proyecto financiado por INAEM, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte • Financiado por la Unión Europea-Next Generation EU

Financiado por la Unión Europea-Next Generation EU

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